Fall  2014:   I am excited to be back to my tree trunks, revisiting this series. With Ancient Stories, I  feel that I have made a leap, busted a barrier, in terms of integrating myself, my expressive energy with the landscape. I will continue on this path. 

My cloud series continues. Cloudscapes are located in New work and also in  Landscapes.

 My integration of the landscape with expressionism continues, especially in And You and I, as well as in Unfettered. 

February 2015:  Many of my recent works were painted en plein aire on various Florida beaches, including the abstract paintings.  I think the effort to use oils when traveling and painting on the beach was worthwhile.

May 2015:   Describing my new work is a challenge in that It seems that I am scattered with the various subject matters, yet  I am exploring new techniques and horizons, as I look back and forward. Maybe it is the nature of change. I am most energized about the painting, Chemistry. I will most likely continue in this direction and develop the concept of wonderful, spontaneous, evanescent, beautiful energy.  

OCTOBER 2016:  I have been enjoying my new series of abstract expressionist paintings using highly chromatic Florida colors.  In my new home and studio on the coast, my spirit is free and peaceful. Symbols and expressions in the work come and go with the lost and found edges. In my latest painting, Full Circle: 70s Remnants, I have used actual doodles and poems from the late 70s, which are especially meaningful to me currently. Thus, full circle.  

NOVEMBER 2018: For my featured artist show at St Pete ArtWorks, this is my artist statement:

Feathers Show the Way…..

Oftentimes when I see birds, I experience spiritual signs. This seems to run in my family. Birds have sometimes appeared in times of deep distress and sorrow, which brought me comfort, grace and strength. I love the fleeting nature of birds, the unable-to-grasp-ness, conveying life’s mystery. Their feathers have come into my path at times of great transition and on occasions of beauty and joy. They seem to have appeared in unlikely places, bringing me delight and confidence going forward. I acknowledge these birds by collecting and treasuring their feathers. Sometimes I collage them into my oil paintings among layers of wash, glaze and cold wax. It is my hope that this body of work brings you the gift that these beautiful creatures delivered to me.

MAY 2019:

In addition to looking under “New Work”, my latest paintings can also be found under “Birds.”

I am enjoying and struggling with new techniques. I did some acrylic pours, using some ink and mixed media and most recently studying and using cold wax media, and as usual, oils. I am focusing on compositional elements where my usual passions seem to emerge one way or another—water, trees, birds, skies, figures in motion, energy.